Archived: 2014 Projects

Here are things we’re helping with this month…

  • Watches: we’re always keeping our ears to the ground, watching for new crises, deployments and activities connected to crisis data. Ping @opencrisis if you see anything – or drop a line in our community Skypechat.
  • Websites and tools: we’ve finished migrating from Drupal to WordPress: if you find a messy page or broken link, either fix it or tell us about it.
  • Guides: It’s time to tidy up our how-to guides.  Either just go in and write something on a topic you think is needed, or edit what’s already there…
    “Things you should know about online maps” is one obvious gap
    (Include:  licences, hacking/security, verification, process, labelling, importing/exporting – not started);
    ‘Translation sourcing’ is another…
    Sara or Brendan can get you started with this.
  • Accademics: Joseph Pollack has created Accademics, to get academics in crisismapping talking about funding, courses, conferences and more courses. Ping him to join.
  • Drones:  it’s time we collected up our notes and experiences with drones. Joseph is lead on this.
  • Training: Sara has offered to give an online class on OpenData this month.  It’s happening.  And we’re working again on our online crisismapping intro course.



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