How-to Guides

There’s a lot to learn in this field, from how to work in teams distributed around the world to tips and tricks for commonly-used software tools. Here are some areas that we’ve learnt about along the way.

Alerts and user needs:


Data handling:

Working in distributed real-time teams:   Although some people who handle crisis data live in areas that are crisis-prone, and NGO information managers and volunteers deploy out to the field, the reality is that most people who help with crisis data are remote from the crisis, and very often remote from each other too. This means that on top of the usual dynamics of large groups, and creating bridges between cultures, crisis data people are usually working with people distributed around the world that they often have never met, and can only contact online.  Several important things need to be considered if you’re running or part of a virtual team like this. Here are some of them.



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