Before you can process and use data, you need to have data.  Places that contain or store humanitarian and development data include:

Open Data is data that’s freely available to the general public. Mostly when people talk about Open Data, they mean Open Government Data – data about government services, funding etc that has been made public via internet sites. Open data initiatives are cropping up all over the world now. Places to look for these include:

Crisismapping is looking primarily at data and events that happen in real time. But this data will also often need to be put in context – although many data sources are either static or contain older data (years rather than minutes or days old), they can still be useful to us. There are now lots of sources of open data for human development. Some of the bigger ones are:

The open data movement are working hard to unlock data held in governments etc., but there are other ways to get the information you need, including citizen science and scraping. Here are some places to look:


There’s also a list of links to datasets in I Can Haz Datastore.


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