OpenCrisis Townhall 13th November 2013

What’s This?

Meeting: OpenCrisis TownHall

Date: 13th November 2013

Agenda: a roundup of what we’ve been doing and deployments we’ve heard about in the past month; a check on what groups and people needed; and a vague plan for the coming month.

Last month: 14th October 2013 minutes

What’s Happened?

This townhall was held midway through Typhoon Yolanda mapping and monitoring.  It was a bit rushed, everyone was exhausted and several people had to rush off to another Yolanda-related meeting at the end.

Past month: Deployments

  •   Australia bushfires – Tomnod tagging burnt buildings, active fires etc
  • India typhoon – Hemant team finding data for use in google crisismap
  • UKStorm – Portsmouth university team populating a crisismap
  • Typhoon Yolanda, Philippines.  Still ongoing. DigitalHumanitarianNetwork populating crisismaps (SBTF, Micromappers, Translators Without Borders, ESRI, GIScorps, Statistics Without Borders); HOT OSM producing basemaps; Svend-Jonas and team mapping celltower outages; Tomnod mapping damage, VISOV running crisismap on facebook data, Rebecca Goolsby et al tracking hashtags; forgot to add to the DHN list above; Rappler mapping celltower signals; Heidelburg uni producing maps inc elements at risk; nobody getting much sleep since last Thursday. hackathon needs help trimming out the projects-we’ve-seen-before from their things-to-do list (OC has linked them to SBTF and RHOK – Pat helping with this).  Google Crisismap – not sure who’s providing the data for it. Om keeping lists of active deployments, active projects, maps, volunteer project opportunities, sources, what’s needed etc at

NB. people who’ve worked deployments, and *especially* people who’ve worked in the field should be persuaded to engage with them, to get things that are relevant and needed built.

News, Announcements etc


Coming up in the next month:

  • ICCM: is anyone thinking of having a “stay-at-home” party to watch the video stream for this?
  • Digital Humanitarian Summit right after ICCM.
  • UN SPIDER is coming up with final recommendations for best practices this month (Rose to add to library)