OpenCrisis Townhall 14th October 2013

What’s This?
Meeting: OpenCrisis TownHall
Date: 14th October 2013
Agenda: a roundup of what we’ve been doing and deployments we’ve heard about in the past month; a check on what groups and people needed; and a vague plan for the coming month.
Who: Sara Terp, Brendan O’Hanrahan
Last month: Minutes from last month’s townhall meeting (11th September 2013)

What’s Happened?
Past month: Deployments

What: India Typhoon (Phailin)
who: Hemant Purohit leading
where: India, Eastern states
what: collecting online data to feed into Google crisis map. Humanity Road are also monitoring online feeds.
Deployment dates: 2013-10-11 – still in progress

What: Cameroon Election monitoring
who: Jean Brice Tetka (Social Innovation for Development Lab), Municipal and legislative Elections Cameroon 2013 – Observation Platform
where: Cameroon
what: crisismapping help for monitoring Cameroon Elections.
Deployment dates: 2013-09-30

What: Tomnod for Colorado floods
who: Tomnod
where: Colorado, USA
Deployment dates: 2013-09-17 – ?

What: Balochistan Earthquake (Pakistan)
who: DHN (HR, SBTF)
where: Balochistan, Pakistan
what: monitoring of social and mainstream media; trial of Micromappers by SBTF (Tweetclicker and Imageclicker – and AIDR- writeup on results here) with QCRI,
Deployment dates: 2013-09-24 to 2013-09-26
Events with monitoring but not deployments:
Westgate attacks, Nairobi, 2013-09-22. Anahi Ayala and team monitored at
Super Typhoon Usagi, Hong Kong/Macau, 2013-09-20 – monitored, but didn’t need deployment.
Sudan protests, 2013-09-25 to . Abena crowdmap set up by Sudanese opposition activists, both in-country and abroad. Brendan, Helena, om involved with Abeer, Mohammed Hashim Saleh.

Past month: Activities

IAEM13 social media exercise
who: Mary Jo Flynn from VOST is leading.
what: preparation for a social media monitoring exercise as part of IAEM
where: online
when: 26-31 October 2013.

Humanitarian Data Project
who: led by Luis Capelo and Gabriele Almon
what: plan to create a repository of crisis datasets from lists by Karen Payne et al. Sara setting up a CKAN instance as part of this.
where: skypechat (ask Luis, Sara, Gabriele, Hemant, Joseph, to get in)
when: ongoing

Actionable Needs Project
who: Hemant Purohit leading
what: collection of data needs that could be met by automation. Help needed to find crisis deployment data (especially raw data from ushahidi instances) for analysis – see Joseph if you have this.
where: Skypechat, googledocs (ask Hemant, Joseph, Sara, Brendan to join).
when: ongoing (monthly meetings)

SBTF working groups
who: SBTF
what: reorganising SBTF via groups A-E.
where: online
when: all month.

SBTF trial of micromappers
who: SBTF (ask Brendan)
what: Tested out ‘clickers’ on Balochistan data.
where: online.
when: September 2013.

Other activities:
Created “crisismappers announce” page to start mapping out how non-group crisis deployments could start.

News, Announcements etc
Next TownHall meeting: 13th November 2013. TownHalls are on the second Wednesday of every month, at 12pm EST / 5pm GMT unless otherwise stated. Remaining townhalls for 2013 are: 13th November, 11th December.
US govt shutdown has affected several data sites used by crisismappers, including and NASA.
Intro to visualisation class at might be useful.
Readings from Sara’s lecture series on system design are here:
Rose posted link to Geoinformation for Disaster and Risk Management – Examples and Best Practices; September 3, 2013. Link:
Crisismappers Announce chatroom seems to be working… small volume of messages, and several deployments announcing themselves in there. If you haven’t joined it yet, think about it!

What do we need to do?
Last month’s plan
Ongoing. Sara: run a “writing an ignite talk” training session. Run it. Progress: wrote blogpost on this. Now need to get on with the training sessions.
ICCM submissions: If you haven’t put a submission in for a lightning talk, why not? It’s 5 minutes, and we can help you with it.
ICCMxVirtual: an idea to run a ‘virtual’ ICCM – with talk submissions by video, and community votes on which talks are streamed, with author Q&A afterwards. Sara discussed with PatrickM, who’s supportive of the idea, and suggested VirtualICCM date in Spring 2014.
Ongoing. Analysis of lessons learnt – see OC tasks list ( for who’s doing which event. It’s okay to do this slowly, s’long as it continues to be done. Look at Andrej report on effectiveness of crisismapping for help. Also
Instructions on how to engage – continue. Add UNOCHA reports on this – Done.
Ongoing. Investigate theming issues. Katherine: help?

Intro to Drupal training – to get more people contributing to the OC site!
Next month’s plan
Plan out ICCMxVirtual needs: technology, organisation, dates, training, marketing etc.
Ongoing. Analysis of lessons learnt – see OC tasks list ( for who’s doing which event. It’s okay to do this slowly, s’long as it continues to be done.
Ongoing. Investigate theming issues. Katherine: help?
Intro to Drupal training: plan this
Om will discuss using Sahana Eden for our site informational/data needs