OpenCrisis Townhall 11th September 2013

Meeting: OpenCrisis TownHall
Date: 11th September 2013
Agenda: a roundup of what we’ve been doing and deployments we’ve heard about in the past month; a check on what groups and people needed; and a vague plan for the coming month.
In: Leesa, Sara, Katherine

Minutes from last month’s townhall meeting (14th August 2013)
Special: 9/11 day
It’s 9/11 today… lot of people in this community aren’t at their best today. Our hugs go out to them.
Last month’s plan
Open Humanitarian Initiative workdays – Sara attending virtually, working on distributed Ushahidi and datasets.
Analysis of lessons learnt – see OC tasks list ( for who’s doing which event. It’s okay to do this slowly, s’long as it continues to be done. Pretty much everyone was busy this month… moving to next month’s plan.
Recent Andrej report on effectiveness might be helpful here.
Write instructions on how to engage – Sara and Leesa drafting, with Donna proofing and eyeballs and help from all.
Crisis templates – Om continuing to work on these. Brendan happy to provide extra eyes. Om and Katherine working on these after the meeting.

Past month: activities

OHI Code Sprint event
Who: Sara
When: 9-13 September 2013 (still ongoing)
Virtual: twitter irc
Details: At ESRI (near DC) and Aston UK.

Skype/Ning/Google members list code:
Done at last… handed over to SBTF (code combines the members lists from skype, ning and google so you can see who you have in a team)

Suggested a ‘virtual’ stream at ICCM.
Reconsidered – a virtual ICCMxvirtual might be more effective.
Plan: to get people to submit videos for it, and have the crowd vote on which ones they want to see at a ‘conference’… then the conference day will be the videos being streamed, with a Q&A session with each author afterwards. All online.
OC could also provide help with creating videos… do masterclasses on creating an ignite talk, encourage people to submit, talk together about what each of could put in, and allow editing up to a submission deadline.
We could have lots of video talks, and 6-8 ‘live’ sessions.
In: Om, Sara
Paper references list
Created to collect up references library references.

Past month: Deployments

Sudan Floods:
Deployment dates:

Events with monitoring but not deployments:
Typhoon Utor:
VOST Fire Season

Cameroon Elections Looking for general crisismapping help (leesa can help)
Tweeting this for ERC: “Please sign, post, change tags, ADD tags…
Make #Twitter STOP jailing lifesaving #1stAid4 & disaster info! #SMEM Sign petition@”
DHN working groups have call for members on their pages, but not sure if this need is live. and
Katherine: trying to figure out a way I could bring needs based on my access to public media that I come across here at my job … if anyone wants to collaborate with me on that … ? Om interested.

Next month’s plan
Sara: run a “writing an ignite talk” training session. Run it.
ICCM submissions: If you haven’t put a submission in for a lightning talk, why not? It’s 5 minutes, and we can help you with it.
ICCMxVirtual: an idea to run a ‘virtual’ ICCM – with talk submissions by video, and community votes on which talks are streamed, with author Q&A afterwards.
Analysis of lessons learnt – see OC tasks list ( for who’s doing which event. It’s okay to do this slowly, s’long as it continues to be done. Look at Andrej report on effectiveness of crisismapping for help. Also
Instructions on how to engage – continue. Add UNOCHA reports on this.
Investigate theming issues.

Next TownHall meeting: 9th October 2013. TownHalls are on the second Wednesday of every month, at 12pm EST / 5pm GMT unless otherwise stated. Remaining townhalls for 2013 are: 9th October, 13th November, 11th December.